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  • Update Time : রবিবার, অক্টোবর ১৮, ২০২০

A lot of the time money inadvertently goes to the wrong number in financial transactions in development. This mistake is made by making financial transactions from one place to another quickly through mobile number. Many people lose money due to this problem. So let’s know what to do to get the money back if such a mistake is made.

Don’t call the recipient immediately if the money goes to the wrong number at first. Because when money goes to another number by mistake, very few people have the mentality to return it. So if he withdraws the money, the victim will have nothing to do.

For that, if money is accidentally sent to any number from the account, it is wise to first go to the nearest police station and make a GD with the transaction number and contact the bKash / Rocket / Cash office with the GD copy as soon as possible.

Because as soon as the complaint is made, the officials of the institutions check the GD copy and the message.

After that, when the money is forgotten, the account of that person is temporarily locked. So that he cannot raise any money.

Immediately after that, the concerned officials tried to contact the person on the phone. If the recipient confirms the truth of the incident over the phone and says that the money is not his, then Bikash transfers the money from the office to the specific person.

And if the person claims to have his own money, then the authorities instruct him to come to the office with the proof within 7 working days and fix the account. If the person does not come within the next 6 months without following the instructions, the money will reach the account of the victim sender. If it does not come in the next 6 months, the account will be auto disabled forever.

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