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How to Use Female Travel Urinal Device

  • Update Time : শনিবার, আগস্ট ১৪, ২০২১

The female urine funnel is designed to enable women to pee into a urinal while standing up. This may be particularly useful when camping, travelling and at festivals where facilities could be limited. It can also be used to help women to get a urine sample in to a small container or collection pot, so a GP or Hospital test can be carried out.

It allows you to urinate whilst standing, and without removing your clothing. Use when you do not want to sit in an unsanitary public toilet or when there isn’t one around. As shown the One Step female urinal has been designed to fit perfectly the standard 30ml sample bottle. Please note the sample bottle is not included in this offer though they are available from us. Use can also use your One Step female urinal for: Camping, Long car journeys, Travelling, Festivals, Cycling, Climbing, Skiing, Dirty toilets, Post surgery, Pregnancy … the list is endless!

Completely hygienic and easy to use and allows women of all ages to urinate standing up, sitting down or in lying position without undressing Discreet, portable and reusable Designed not to flow back, splash or spill and is easily washable with warm soapy water and flick dried.

Female urinals can be useful for women who are injured or bedridden at home or in the hospital and want an alternative to bedpans.

Female urinals are also a great option for patients who have severe chronic pain and limited mobility due to illness or sickness.

Some women choose to use a female urination device because they do not want to have to come in contact with public washrooms or are often outdoors and do not have easy access to a bathroom.

01. Choose to use a female urination device if you would like to try urinating standing up. Female urinals are not just made for women with an illness or mobility difficulties.

You can choose to use a female urination device that is user-friendly and made for your everyday bathroom needs to avoid contact with public toilet seats and to enjoy the luxury of urinating while standing.

Female urinals are also useful for women who are often outdoors hiking, camping, boating, skiing, or doing other physical activity where you will not have easy access to a bathroom.

You can look for female urination devices, like the GoGirl, in-store at a big box store or through their website. Many female urinals for everyday use are made of silicone and are easy to clean with a quick rinse in soap and water.

02. Place the urinal between your legs. Once you find a urinating position that is comfortable for you, you can place the urinal between your legs. Make sure the cup or tube is positioned right under your urethra.

If you are using a body support device, you may need assistance from a helper to place the urinal under your thighs when you are in bed. Ensure the cup or dish is positioned right under your urethra.
If you are using a device that has a drainage bag, attach a bag to the urinal. This will allow the urine to collect in the drainage bag for easy disposal.

03. Tilt your pelvis forward slightly, aiming into the urinal. Tilting your pelvis will allow you to urinate more effectively into the urinal. Make sure you use the cup or tube attached to the urinal when using it to ensure all or most of your urine ends up in the urinal.

04. Choose a position that is comfortable for your body. There are three ways you can use the urinal: sitting, standing, or lying down. Your ideal position will depend on any injuries you may have on certain areas of your body and your comfort level when going to the bathroom.

If you cannot be on your feet when urinating, you may choose to sit in a chair when using the urinal, with your pelvis tilted slightly forward and your legs apart.

If you have pain in your knees or hips, you may choose to use the urinal while standing so you do not need to squat or put unnecessary weight on your knees or hips.
If you have lower back pain or injuries on your back, you may use the urinal on one side while lying down.

Made from soft very pliable silicone so fits in handbag – size approximately 16cms long x 10cms x 5cms
Easy to keep clean – just wash in warm soapy water, flick dry
Also ideal for Camping, Hiking, Walking, Festivals and when no toilets around.


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