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Before knowing how to draft a reply to Show cause Notice, we need to understand what is a SHOW CAUSE NOTICE?

Certain Compliance’s are required to be made by Corporate as per Law. Non compliance of which might lead to receiving of Show Cause Notice as in asking why the compliance has not been made or why it was not done within the time frame .Show Cause Notice is sent on either Company’s Mail or at registered office through registered post or any other viable mode. Notice generally contains Ref No. , Date, Time, Section or provision which was violated, time limit to reply to the same etc. Not reverting to the same within the time limit allotted will lead to legal/penal action.


Show Cause Notice


The Manager

Human Resource Department

Union Cooperative Bank Limited,

New Delhi, India.

Subject: Clearance on notice for withholding cash and late deposit

Honourable Sk

It is to relate very humbly that I was given the Show Cause Notice on the account of withholding the cash amount and depositing it late in the bank, I do admit the words uttered by your esteemed self but the reason behind this negligence was the system’s technical issue.

The upgradation took much time and then the working hours went to its ending time. I even waited an hour even after the pack up time but all in vain. By the next moming as soon as I stepped in the bank I deposited the cash of require amount in the bank. Kindly check the details so that the warning can evade from my side. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly

Mr. Raibahadur

December, 3, 2010

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